A professional accountant

The second deal seems slightly easier even if it requires more leg work, research and analysis and by the third one, the investor almost feels like a professional!To get good investment property financing, first ensure that your personal credit is rated highly. A good credit score helps get loans at more favourable rates, but even then, less than perfect scores need not be a hurdle to getting a good loan, as there is a lot of competition among financial institutions in providing such loans.Even then, don’t do anything drastic with your funds before you apply for investment property financing as some innocuous actions like closing an unused account or paying off another one can have a negative impact on your credit score instead of positive. dunia investasi

A professional accountant will be able to guide you or you can look up the implications on credit rating and other web sites. Sometimes, people with bad credit enlist the services of an investing partner with a better credit profile to obtain the investment property financing at favourable rates and share the investment with that person. There are a lot of people among the general public who have the money, the credit profile and the inclination to go in for such investments but simply do not have the time to do all the research and analysis to get a good investment property.