Top Interesting facts about the brain psychology

Wanted to know about the Interesting facts about the brain psychology? Before telling these facts let me give you a short introduction about the human brain. Brain is not only the vital organ of our body but also hold the excessive power. There are some guaranteed facts about the brain that maybe sound surprising to you. Read on!

Brain Fact; 1 Energy consumption;

Some people think that brain is the largest organ of the body, but in actually it is the small one. It packs up only 20% of energy, which is normally produced inside the body. This weight of this organ is only 2%, but when as compared to body weight, it consumes incredibly more energy. The human brain is six times smaller than the elephant brain, but the energy consumption of human brain is high. So, in reality, the human brain is not only small but also less in weight and consumes more energy. It is one of the best Interesting facts about the brain psychology.

Just like other body parts, the brain also feels pain. Injury pain is always enumerated by the brain because brain tissues are very much exempt to pain and sense other parts body. The pain is not directly linked to the brain cells but created by the outside pressure of brain tissues.

Brain Fact; 2 Wine is harmful to the brain;

Yes, alcohol damages your brain. If you are used to of drinking two or three wine glasses on a daily basis, then you should ready yourself for the memory loss, poor body posture, and mental illness. According to the research, social drinkers are normally weak in verbal intelligence and memory capability. Let me tell you about more worrisome about wine and brain. It blunts the brain nerves and makes a person crave for drinking more wine. Alcohol drinking is a problem, and just because of the above-mentioned reason it is not recommended for mental health.

Brain Fact; 3 Tooth dwindling are responsible for Brain Damage;

Tooth Problems are not harmful to the brain damage, but direct linkage to the tooth decay will be responsible for making you impractical. This Brain Fact is famous throughout the world that dental issues have an emotional impact on the brain.

Brain Fact 4. Deep Breath designed for concentration.

Wanted to boost up your memory? Want to concentrate on the particular thing? Then you should take a deep breath.

Brain Fact 5; modifications

The brain is always ready to accept all type of changes. When someone gets crazy, the brain adapts its changing immediately.

Brain Fact 6; inventions

One of the brain facts is that the brain is perfect to invent new technology things. When a person awake for the duration of the day, he can easily create 25 watts of power.

Brain Fact 8; brain development

75% of the brain part is made-up of water. This realization makes the brain an important organ of the body. Thus, more than 70% of human being uses 4% of his brain. I hope that you liked the above mentioned explained Top 10 Brain Facts. Custom made corrugated boxes is best for increasing the brand awareness and entices a bigger customer ratio.

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