An American in Inner Mongolia

My door to China was, very basic conversational Mandarin, a need by foreign enterprise for persons with essential management skills, and a wild hair. These requirements fit like a shoe, as a child I always wanted to have the experience of living a foreign language. There was something about the thought which mesmerized me, even as a child of six I wanted to learn a foreign language. However, unfortunate for me, I was born in America where the only language the majority speaks, or has any direct interest Motiongate Tickets  in, is English. Thus I had to wait ten more years before I could begin my life journey with foreign language. This flare led me to be the only student at my high school to attempt French, German, and Spanish all in one load.

Nearly ten years after coming to China, after working for the Shanghai Hilton as Concierge, United Airlines as ticket agent, and for a Corning Inc. joint-venture project my working days in China were numbered. The Chinese workers had begun completing their courses in international management and had started to remove their blue and green suits to put on a white collar and tie. I could feel the need of the situation was gradually moving from foreign wage earners, like myself, to these newly trained local wage earners. The idea of returning to America at the time did not seem right. I had experienced and learned too much, a new language and the basics of dealing in a foreign culture. However, these things are intangible thus would be next to impossible to demonstrate without an “endorsement” of some kind.

Ten plus years in China and a knack for language allowed me the right ingredients to learn Mandarin. With this I was able to pass the State Mandarin Proficiency Exam (HSK) which allowed me to attend university without any further Mandarin training. I decided that my “endorsement” was to be a degree in something pertaining to China, this would allow me to advance in the language and add to the knowledge I had already attained. It would also allow me a whole new perspective on the China which I had come to know. My interests led me toward Minority language and culture and through much consideration, and guidance from one Tibetan friend, I chose to attend Inner Mongolia University in Huhhot. I was to be the first foreign student to receive a degree in Mongolian Language and Literature.


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