DIY Macro Solution Photography Tent

Not too long ago I have been upgrading my lenses in order to receive a uniformity through all my video. I have basically settled on acquiring a complete list of Contax Zeiss Primes. While this is great, it leaves me with all my previous lenses just sitting about gathering dust. By way of example, my Nikon mount Nikkor 50mm file/2.0 Ai is a wonderful lens, that has even been recommended by the legendary Shane Hurlbut, but it surely makes no sense to help keep with my new Zeiss 50mm one.7, so I’m advertising it on eBay.

You will get a appreciably larger sized return when promoting your gear on-line by taking the time to shoot some outstanding images which make the customer see the product in a “good light-weight”. This is why I made a decision to establish a Do it yourself Macro Pictures Tent out of a carboard box and printer paper. The store bought Variation of such helpful minor tents dont necessarily cost that Substantially, but enough time it could get to locate one on the web, order it and outdoor bubble tent look forward to it to reach is time I just didn’t would like to squander. Also, I just Never do plenty of however pictures and would most probably rarely use it.

I decided I planned to make an infinte white background, in addition to diffuse the light hitting the lens to give it that stunning “catalog” glance.


Cardboard Box (to fit your product)

White Paper (or cloth could perform)


Scissors/Box Cutter

Lights Camera (100mm lens or so will be good)

To be able to try this…

one. I took a little cardboard box, cut out the perimeters, and taped in a few white printer paper to diffuse the flash coming in from either side.

two. I then taped two piece of printer paper with each other to produce a lengthy strip of paper. Subsequent, I taped a single conclusion to the highest back wall in the box and Enable another finish in the paper drape down in the direction of the front on the box, creating a pleasant sleek curved qualifications.