Plush Toy Stuffed Animals Rockers

These Elephant Stuffed animal are quite new on the market, and they will delight mom and dad, but most of all, babies! This fascinating line of baby rocking toys is the most adorable and enchanting baby rocking toy ever produced.


A child’s rocking horse has been around for a long, long time, but these cute, eye-catching, most endearing “ROCKERS” or better classified as a “Baby Rocking Toy,” is the hit of late of the plush toy stuffed animals child’s rocking horse market. Parents are thrilled with these “ROCKERS,” and the market is at an all-time high. Rockers are continuously on backorder that speaks extremely high for the product.


This gorgeous plush toy stuffed animal rocker collection comes with music and sound activity, buttons that activate original familiar children and baby songs! This wonderful, heirloom quality plush toy stuffed animals “Rockers” now comes with an educational component. Located on the head’s back, the baby will find four shaped buttons that activate original songs that teach ABC’s, 1-10, colors, shapes, and more.


Each of these plush toy stuffed animals, “Rockers,” provides hours of discovery and fun; it will keep the baby occupied to no end. So much fun, kids will not even realize they are improving their physical and cognitive development. Fun and discovery will never be extinct as long this plush toy stuffed animals “Rockers” are available.


A special feature and a most adorable one is that these plush toy stuffed animal “Rockers” have all individual names, and one is cuter than the other is.


Betty the Butterfly flits, flutters, and flies on this whimsical rocking butterfly!

Elijah the Elephant takes your baby on safari!

Buttercup, the Cow, gives your baby a ride through the pastures!

Danny the Dinosaur, fun, and discovery will never be extinct as long as Danny is around!

Homer the Baseball will be a sure hit with your little “All Star”!

Lil Bo, the Sheep, never loses her way!

Luc, the Leafwalker, is a colorful critter with lots to discover and explore!

Ollie, the Octopus, cuddles baby up in his soft tentacle seat!

Raffi the Giraffe, with her sweet face, is sure to warm every baby’s heart.

Rory, the Lion, will roar to baby’s delight!

Sandy, the Snail, climb aboard this comical rocking snail!


How lucky can a baby be if they already have one of these adorable creatures – a Baby Rocking Toy!

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