What is sober living?

Sober living houses are places that provide clients with safe and supportive housing, with living conditions which are structured for people who are leaving drug rehab programs.  They act as an environment that clients can use as a transition between the environment of a drug rehab and of society.

People who live at a sober living house are allowed to enter and exit the facility as they want.  This allows the people there to ease back into normal life and begin to get back to a normal life.

The support that you are giving at a sober living facility means that residents do not feel as isolated as they might if they had just gone from rehab to their home lives.

Part of living in a sober living home involves creating new friends who are also on the path of sobriety.


At Sober living Georgia, there will usually be a program.  This is typically not as stringent as that of a rehab, and there is usually much more free time.  A typical day at sober living Georgia might consist of one group session of relapse prevention, and one on one counselling session.

Often, sober living Georgia facilities encourage the people who are living there to go to 12 step meetings.  These are usually NA or AA.  Some facilities even provide lifts for the people who are staying there, so that they can easily get to and from the meetings.

You are also encouraged to rekindle relationships with family members and supportive friends which had been affected by substance abuse, making amends where necessary.

Finding a job is often also part of sober living.  Of course, for some people it is not yet appropriate for them to look for work.  For some people, it might be instead advised that they undergo a period of training that will allow them to ready themselves for work.

Sober living facilities often include elements of spirituality.  There are frequently meditation and yoga sessions available, which allow residents to reconnect with their spiritual side.  It is often the case that through the process of addiction addicts lose connection with any spirituality that they had.  For some who start using at an early age, they may have never had the chance to engage in any kind of spirituality.


Usually, those who enter a sober living home stay there for a minimum of 90 days.  Often people stay there for much longer, and it is not uncommon for people to stay at these facilities for a period of a year or even longer.


Residents must stay sober.  In some sober houses, residents are additionally not allowed to use some types of mouthwash and are additionally not able to cook with some ingredients which might cause a false positive in the event of a drug test.

Residents are also encouraged to either find work, go to school or must contribute by doing chores.

Often, the people at a sober house have a curfew.

Completing a rehab program is the most common manner of entering a sober residence, but it is not always the case.  Some sober homes accept residents who have not been to rehab as long as they agree to stay sober and abide by the other house rules.


Sober living houses vary greatly in price, with some being as low as a few hundred dollars a week, going up to many thousands of dollars for luxury sober living houses.

It could be considered a good investment to enter one of these houses, as the cost of being at one of these facilities for a few months is much less than the cost of using drugs would likely to be over the same period of time.  The cost of being clean and sober can be considered in some ways priceless.

Should I go to a sober living house?

The choice is down to you, but if you feel like after leaving rehab you are likely to feel overwhelmed or at high risk of relapse, it is something that you should certainly consider.

Being at a sober living house is often a challenging experience but is usually an experience that is incredibly positive.  You can learn about yourself and life in a supportive environment, and one that will ultimately greatly enhance your chances of success in sobriety.  The skills that you learn there will not only stand you in good stead for staying sober, but they will also help you navigate life more successfully.